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Our Mission

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Support Groups

What we Believe


God is creator of the universe and author of life. God is spirit, and therefore, is timeless...
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Jesus, the eternal Son of God, exists uncreated and is equal in deity with the Father...
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The Bible, containing Old and New Testaments, inspired word of God...
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Pastor`s Word

We believe it's important to have a new members class at every church. These classes are supposed to be designed to give you a greater understanding of the principles, scriptural and spiritual guidelines that a community follows. The lessons are being outlined progressively in order to help with your knowledge of our church, as well as an overall knowledge of who is The God, what He teaches us and how you can praise His Name and Word

For what shall it profit a man, if he gains the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?
stephen Grace

Cultural Background

We are a community of Falam Chin Christians (a minority ethnic group from the North-West of Burma) who have established a Church in Ringwood. We started in December 16, 2007 with 30 people and have since grown to more than 300 members in 2017. 

We have a number of Worship Services (see below) the majority of which meet at Ringwood Church of Christ. We celebrate what God is doing in our community and look forward to exploring new ways to build God’s kingdom both here in Ringwood and through mission overseas.

Humble Beginning

Falam ṭonghmang Kawhhran a din thok theinak dingin Melbourne ih um Falam mi um sun pawlin thlacamnak thawn mah le ti thei tawkin ṭan rak lak cio a si. Melbourne ih Falam mi rak um mi pawl in March 12, 2007 ah Lailun pawlkom ti in pawlkom an rak din. Hi pawlkom ih um Falam milesa pawl in mah ṭongte Pathian Biak thei dingin tiah thlacamnak an rak nei. December 16, 2007 ah Melbourne ih um Falam ṭong hmang pawl in Kawhhran a din theinak dingah Mai Lusi Mawi & Mai Van Nei Iang te’ inn ah meeting an rak tuah. Hi tawk meeting ah Falam ṭong hmang zaten sawm thluh an si. Meeting nak ah mi 12 pawl an rak kai.

Hi mi sun ah Kawhhran din dingin le a hmin ah Emmanuel Christian Church Melbourne  tiih kawh si dingin a suak khawmtu zaten lungkimnak rakneih a si. An rak thokpek ahcun umnak hmun dangdang ih um le khuasa a si aw cio ruangah zarhpi nitin khawmnak khal a rak um thei lo. Asinan Pathian lam hruai nakin kum 2008 February thla ihsin zarhpi nitin Pathian biak khawmnak in caan hman thok a si. An thawkpek te ahcun member 40 tluk hrang a rak si. Pathian lam hruainak in tu ahcun sungtel mi 350 leng a kim.

Meetingnak ih rak suak khawmtu mi 12 pawl  

  1.  Pu Jacob Ni Hup Thang
  2. Pa Samuel Hlawn Dawh Thang
  3. Pa Renh Cung
  4. Pa Van Nei Piang
  5. Pa Tling Za Thang
  6. Pastor David Khaw Lian Zam
  7. Nu No Than Thluai
  8.  Pi Than Hnem
  9.  Mai Lucy Mawi
  10. Mai Cung Thluai
  11. Mai No Lian Par
  12. Mai Van Nei Iang  tla an si.
A community in Australia

Our church members spread and settled throughout Melbourne beginning from Melton to Pakenham. Just as God had blessed the children of Israel, God had blessed member of church in Victoria. Our young generations becoming more influenced with the land where God landed us, at the same time holding fast to their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ while waiting for the second coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus the Christ.

We truly became the church who prayed for the blessing of this great nation and country Australia, we pray “God will protect Australia from inner and outer enemy, blessed this country in spiritual and physical needs as well, nourish this country with health and prosperity”. Amen