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Living with Peace and Love in Hearts
Peace is one of the main key points of the Bible. Only then people will be free when they open their hearts to peace.
All of Us Need a Renewing Power to Live
When we admit our weakness, God gives us power to believe and continue living. Our faith keeps us afloat.
Developing a Spiritual Mentality
Once we realise that if we are to have a life worth living we need a power from beyond to uphold us mentally.
Life-asserting Sermons on the 23rd Psalm
The Sermons remind us of where we live, fight and struggle. It teaches us that we are unique creatures.
Praise the Lord with All Your Inmost Being
Praise the Lord, with all your heart and soul and all your inmost being take a praise in his holy name.
The Son of Man Be Three Days in the Heart of Earth
The Gospels bring us to the central place of sacred words in the Scriptures: “Love God with all your heart”.
Respect the Lord Your God with All Your Soul
Love God with all your heart. These sacred words are to be always on your heart and soul.
Three Days in the Belly of a Whale
For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be three days.
Love the Lord Your God with All Your Heart
If you have the idea that the Old Testament is all about external rites and rules, then take this in.

See What God Can Do

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